Cure to acne may be on the horizon after breakthrough study


Teens may soon be one less angry.

Breakthrough new research gives hope that acne treatments may begin soon.

Published research Journal Nature Communications On Monday, we’ll take a closer look at the genetic mechanisms behind what causes unsightly wounds. This may retain the code for the new treatment.

The study’s co-author, Catherine Smith, said in a statement that the findings could improve the quality of life for people suffering from acne everywhere. Report by Health Day..

The cursed “individuals of these acne are, as a result, profound, Adverse effects About psychological and social well-being. ” Smith, a dermatologist professor at the Guys and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, said.

“It’s exciting that this study opens up a potential path for finding a cure for them,” she added.

Smith’s team analyzed the genomic data of more than 20,000 people with acne worldwide and compared it to 595,000 people who do not have it. Through their work, researchers have identified 29 new genetic variants that are common in people with acne. A total of 46 known variants are generally associated with acne.

Studies have also shown that people with a high number of acne-related genetic variations are more likely to suffer from worse breakouts.

Knowing the acne markers in DNA may help scientists develop more targeted treatments.

In addition, the authors point out that some of the newly discovered variants were previously associated with other hair, skin, and nail conditions, and new acne treatments are another known dermatological problem. It suggests that you can borrow from established and successful treatments.

Michael Simpson, Head of the Genome Medicine Group at King’s College London, said:

“Understanding the genetics of the condition helps to unravel some of these causes and find the best way to treat the condition,” Simpson added. “This is a truly promising area for further research and opens up many paths for research.”

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