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Corocoro Bessatsu
Corocoro Bessatsu

This article gives information about the cult Corocoro Bessatsu magazine and the reason it’s becoming trendy.

Comic books are an integral component of the world of entertainment and popular culture. While television and films, and other forms of media that are visual are more popular and effective than other media but comic books and other forms of writing have managed to remain in the mainstream and never be completely ignored.

People still love reading comics, and a number of big comic book publishers remain in operation today. Corocoro Bessatsu is another one of these publications.

Read this article to learn more about the comic book magazine and the reason it is becoming fashionable across America. United States, because users are growing in curiosity.

What is Corocoro?

Corocoro magazine is among the most well-known and profitable manga journals in Japan as well as elsewhere. It’s a monthly publication which Shogakukan publishes. It is targeted towards young children, specifically those at the stage of elementary school.

The magazine also has sister publications and one of them is Corocoro Bessatsu which is growing in popularity due to its recent association with the well-known online game, Among Us.

Introducing Among Us

For a while, Among Us was the largest and most played online game. It continues to enjoy worldwide recognition and success and is among the most popular online games available to players to play across the United States and across the world.

InnerSloth is the company behind the game that is a social deduction phenomenon. The game is played in a spaceship in which players interact, and one player is an impostor who is tasked with killing the rest of them.

Why is Corocoro Bessatsu Trending?

The comic has gained popularity due to the recent announcement about Among Us and this magazine.

  • InnerSloth has recently shocked everyone with the announcement of a manga version of the much-loved fan game Among Us.
  • It’s a surprise to everyone, InnerSloth has teamed up with Corocoro specifically, Corocoro’s Bessatsu manga, in order to translate the game into manga.
  • The manga will be released in the upcoming issue in the publication, which will come out on February 4, 2022.
  • At present, there’s no information on what the plot for the Among Us manga in the popular Corocoro Bessatsu is going to be similar to. There’s a possibility that it could involve imposters and will be like the game.
  • More information about this modification will be released shortly by the relevant parties.
  • Learn further about CoroCoro comic here.

The Final Verdict

InnerSloth the creator of the popular game on the internet, Among Us, has announced that it will be collaborating with Corocoro to transform Among Us into a manga. This announcement has become a popular issue of discussion within the gaming and manga communities. We’ve listed all relevant information in the above article; take a look at the article.

What do you think about the connection with Corocoro as well as Among Us in a manga adaptation? Do you read often The Corocoro Bessatsu magazine? Please share your thoughts with us via the comments.

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