Cops Game NFT {January 2022} Check The Market Stats, Reward Features

Cops Game NFT
Cops Game NFT

Are you curious to learn the details of what the Cops Game NFT is? Check out this article and find out the details about how it will assist you in earning an income that is passive.

Cryptocurrency tokens have been extremely popular, particularly due to the development in NFT games. The latest P2P game has been released online, and is known as the cops game. As with many other United States and United Kingdom NFT games, cops is an enjoyable game that encourages you join in and reap the rewards.

This game involves hunting down thieves and stealing cash from them. The more tokens you collect and the more you earn. Tell us about the Cops Game NFT in depth.

What is an Cops Game?

On the web there is many Metaverse games available online, however Cops will be the best place to experience the game. There are numerous places you should avoid, and some cities are appealing, and they’re called metropolises. You will need to play as either a robber or cop in this game to earn the cash.

You will be asked to select the cop or robber you want to be by making a bet. The game begins and earn more tokens as you stake. They also help you earn an income that is passive.

Games for Cops The NFT Cost

  • Price- $0.005951
  • Token name- LOOT
  • Market capital- No data available
  • Market Dominance- No data available
  • Diluted Validation $34,852,674.76
  • 24 hour Trading volume- $1,448,268.45
  • 24H low- $0.002408
  • 24H high- $0.006924

Supply chain LOOT/market supply

  • Circulating supply- Not available
  • Total supply: 40,402,226 LOOT
  • Maximum supply- 5,000,000,000 LOOT
  • Market Rank: #3161

LOOT Sales Price

  • Floor Price- 2.7
  • Highest Sale Price- 55
  • Average Sale Price- 4.852
  • Total Sales Volume- 41,445.01

What is the creator of NFT Cops Game?

The theme of the game of cops is exciting and interesting for any new or existing player who wants to take part in cops game NFT and earn money as thieves or cops. In looking through the official site and Twitter profile details we could not find the owner’s information. Additionally, the game is about taking NFTs from other players as well.

There are police and thief choices on Solana and you should check them out and pick the stake amount to play the game.

What are the rewarded features you receive from the game with the cops?

  • A staked player in the police force can earn 20 percent Off the amount of money earned by thief.
  • A staked officer gets 50% of the chance to steal $LOOT from the theft thief
  • A staked thief could earn $10,000 a every day during the Cops Game.
  • A police officer who is staked will have the chance to steal the entire $LOOT from the criminal.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the features of its platform you can read the whitepaper.

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above sentence The police and thief games is an intriguing concept of play-to-earn games that a lot of players have played. This game can benefit both police and thief because they make $LOOT 10,000 in a single day. That means you could earn many of these tokens when you are able to play the game.

But, you should go through the whitepaper to understand the rules and the earning procedure. What is the time to wait? Participate in the Cops Game Network and start earning money.

Are you a fan of this particular game? If yes, then don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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