Converting PDF File Formats

Converting PDF File Formats

Online PDF converters are great tools to help you convert file formats into PDFs and vice-versa. You can use them for other things too such as using them to organize, split or merge your PDFs, while also letting you compress files that are too big into more manageable file sizes. The fact that you can convert PDFs is one of the main features of the document format, as it gives you the chance to improve or spruce up your other file types (such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), so you can add certain design elements you can’t do with other document processing programs. This article will show you what kinds of files can be converted and what other advantages PDF converters have. 

The Different File Formats you Can Convert 

The PDF is famous for its ability to be converted into other file formats and it should be since converting file formats is something valuable and time-saving. The feature makes it easier for you to share important files, especially if someone does not have the requisite software or program to view a PDF or other file type. 

You can convert PDF to Word, or Word to PDF, so you can make editorial changes to one while preserving the way the text is written on one specific page. If you want to make changes to a PDF file, you can simply convert Word to PDF online and then add unique elements such as images, graphs, tables, and other visual data to create a more attractive presentation file. 

You can also do the reverse and convert PDF to editable Word if you want to change the text or something else about a particular file that the file format will not allow you to do. For example, you cannot change or edit the text of a PDF without using a PDF editor, but if you convert the file to an editable Word file you can then open the document in Word, make changes, and then save it again to a PDF format. 

Best Ways to Convert PDFs

Almost every online PDF converter lets you convert a multitude of file types into either PDF or another format, depending on the program or software you are using. The ways and methods that each program uses are different from all the others, but it is generally an easy, no-hassle function that requires only a few clicks. 

You can always start by opening the file you want to convert in your browser or file program. Some PDF converters will use a specific button or icon to allow you to start the conversion process, while others will bury the feature drop-down menus from the toolbar, so you have to look for the specific function depending on the program you are using. 

Since the function has evolved in so many ways, you have the option to not only convert a file, but select which elements or parts of the file you want to convert, or not. You can choose to convert multiple files at the same time (if your program or software permits you), or you can choose to export a file into another format without having to change or modify the original. 

  Step-by-Step Guide to Convert PDF Files 

The easiest way to convert PDFs to any other file format includes having access to a file converter, whether it is a browser-based program or a desktop application, both of which apply to Lumin PDF, which can work both online and offline. With Lumin, you can choose to convert your file within the Lumin browser by opening the dedicated Convert page, where you can drag and drop your file into the browser. 

Doing this is easy and lets you convert all your files in seconds. After the file converts, you can either open it with the appropriate program or download it to your local hard drive, save it, or send it to someone else. If you have file types to convert other than the ones listed on the browser such as (JPEG, HTML, or PNG), you can choose to convert them into appropriate file types or use another online PDF converter to help you. 

You can also perform other important functions with the Lumin PDF tool. You can open and view files, merge PDFs with other PDFs, or split them up if they are too big. Lumin has other features that are ideal for the casual, once-in-while PDF user, but it also features more advanced features that can give you more creative control over your PDF files. 

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