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Follow the easy step-by-step instructions below to program your TV with the following xfinity remote codes and comcast universal remote codes. xfinity Remote Setup makes it easy to set up your TV, DVD, Blu-ray and Audio Video receivers for use with the xfinity Remote. We’ve listed the steps to pair your TV and fix pairing issues.

Before you start programming your Xfinity remote control, write down the codes for TV brands from the most popular brands, or fill out the Xfinity remote control code list and write down the comcast universal remote codes.To for your Xfinity Remote to function with your TV or audio device, you must pair it with the device using the Xfinity Remote Codes. Using an IR blaster, it communicates commands to the TV. These directives adhere to patterns that they have determined using Remote Codes. 

How to program the Xfinity remote control

  • Follow these steps to program your Xfinity Remote. We provided the code in the “Xfinity Remote Code” section.
  • Make sure your remote has batteries in it and your TV and set-top box are turned on.
  • Press and hold the “setup” button until the LED on top of the remote changes from red to green. Press the XFINITY button
  • Enter the 3-digit code displayed on the screen
  • Program the remote using the code.
  • Turn on the TV for which you want to create a program.
  • Press and hold the “setup” button until the status LED on top of the remote changes from red to green.
  • Enter the 4 or 5 digit code below using the number buttons. For other codes, refer to the remote control manual. 

Popular Xfinity remote codes work with all Comcast remotes, regardless of model.

Panasonic 10250, 10051, 

Samsung 10060, 10812, 

Sanyo 10159, 10154, 

Sony 11100, 10000, 

Sharp 10165, 10093, 

Toshiba 11156, 10156, 

Vizio 11756, 11758, 

Haier    11034, ,11265, 10178,10768 & 11009

Hitachi    11145, 10145, 12143, 12243, 11904, 11960 & 11345

Philips   10054, 10690,11454, 10037 & 11483

Sansui    10463, 11904, 11409, 11911 & 11935

Sanyo    10159, 10154

Code Programming for Comcast Xfinity Remotes

Simple Steps for comcast universal remote codes, here are all the simple steps.

  • Set both your TV and set-top box to on.
  • Press the Setup button on your remote control repeatedly until the red LED at the top turns green.
  • Utilising the remote’s number buttons, enter the universal remote code that was displayed in the TV codes lookup tool.
  • After entering the code, the LED should blink green twice.
  • Press the remote’s TV Power button.
  • If the TV shuts off, your remote has been successfully set up to operate your TV.

Without using codes, programme the Comcast universal remote

To programme the control, it analyses each code individually to determine which is the right one to use with your remote. The steps listed below should be followed for comcast universal remote codes:

  • Turn on the smart device you want to control with the universal remote, such as a TV.
  • Tap the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) three times to “turn on” the device using the remote. The LED light shows that the device is prepared for programming.
  • Click the “CH+” and “CH-” switches by pointing the remote at the device. On/off signals will appear on the remote. Press the “up” or “down” key repeatedly until the device turns off.
  • By pressing the “power” key, confirm the code. The device should start up. To make sure the remote is configured properly, try switching channels if it starts.
  • To save the code, tap the “device” button at this time. For confirmation of the stored code, the LED on the device will blink twice.

How to Set Up a Comcast Universal Remote Manually

The keycode allows us to simply programme a universal remote control and it also helps us to identify the make and model of your equipment.

  • The device must first be “Turned On” first.
  • Your Comcast universal remote should be set to “TV.”
  • Once it displays the “Light Flash” (which indicates it is in “Learning mode”), push and hold the “Setup button” of the universal remote control.
  • Last but not least, insert the “Keycode” that you compiled from the programming manual (Instructions Booklet).
  • After completing these steps, simply “point your remote at the TV” and “Press And Hold The Power” button.
  • When the screen dims, you can release the “Power Button.”
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