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112 is a FREE web device made by Laurens Koppers, an instructor from the Netherlands. Laurens made this device to use the digiboard in their homeroom to assist understudies with zeroing in on their work.

Heaps of updates have occurred since I composed this post! I have changed this post starting around 1/31/18.
How functions:
Send off your internet browser and visit Project it on a screen in your study hall. Your program transforms into an intelligent board and has the ability to show different devices that you and your understudies will Adore.

Instruments and Abilities:
🖥 pick a foundation/transfer your own
🖥 pick an irregular name and dice roll
🖥 study hall sound level screen
🖥 produce a QR-code
🖥 attract screen or full-screen
🖥 type your guidelines in the text region and zoom
🖥 pick a work image
🖥 set a clock/stopwatch
🖥 show the clock and schedule
🖥 utilize the traffic signal
🖥 utilize the mini-computer
🖥 simplified the symbols perfectly positioned
🖥 Double gadgets: beyond what one gadget can be shown without a moment’s delay
🖥 select a language

What compels this web device stick out?
Numerous educators I have imparted this apparatus to have previously said that the QR code generator is their number one device. Essentially click the QR code symbol, enter the url of a site you would like your understudies to visit and the instrument in a flash produces a QR code for understudies to examine with a handheld gadget.

I truly like the work images that can be utilized as a visual update for understudies:

Here are the various choices you can look over:

I likewise think the stoplight is a pleasant part! Use it as a visual update for voice levels as well as different exercises. I could even seen understudies involving on their own gadgets in which they could change the stoplight to demonstrate their advancement on an undertaking or their comprehension of an idea.

Nail to Pinterest

One of the most current increases is the capacity to gather information. Basically type an inquiry at the top and have understudies stroll by your board or PC and tap/click on the smiley face that addresses their sentiments about the inquiry.

Truly, you want to look at Every one of the astonishing elements of this web instrument.

Refreshed video demo:

Unique video: Look at my Facebook Live to see in real life (Note: this is a demo from when the device previously emerged):

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