Classic vs volume lashes: which ones help you earn more?

lashes which ones help you earn more

Calculating the profit for each type of eyelash extension needs to be based on many factors, same as the profit when comparing classic vs volume lashes. Many people think that volume lashes will help you make more money considering the price of the service. However, in general, the classic has a simple technique, fast execution time, and lower material cost, and thereby the cost of service is lower than volume. Thus, it can be seen that in terms of profit percentage, classic is slightly better.

We have shared in some articles about pricing eyelash extensions that you need many calculation steps to set the price, including fixed costs that will be deducted over the years. In fact, a high-priced product is not necessarily more profitable and vice versa. Therefore, the price setting and profit calculation also need a clear and specific analysis. This also applies to classic vs volume lashes.

According to the survey, currently, the price for a full set of volume lashes is from USD 200 to USD 227. A classic set is only from USD 155 to USD 164. However, the price will also vary in other locations and times. But one thing that has definitely not changed is that the price of a volume set is always higher than a classic one. The reason is that the volume eyelash extension technique is more complicated than the classic one and the number of eyelashes used is also more. So is volume more profitable for you?

If you compare a set of classic lashes with a volume, the profit value of the volume will be slightly better.

But if you put them in an actual business environment, it’s different.

The first is the time to do the classic lashes. A skilled technician can only need 1.45 hours to finish 01 sets. It will be longer for a new technician. With volume lashes, this time will be longer, and it requires a better lashing technique to apply lash fans to natural lashes. So, in the same amount of time, you can create multiple sets of classic vs volume lashes.

Besides, the cost of classic lashes is also lower than that of lash fans. Accordingly, the price of faux mink lashes for classic usually ranges from USD 20 to USD 25, each set of lashes requires 80 -100 fibers, while a simple set of volume lashes needs from USD 22 to USD 35 or higher. Depending on the number of lash fans corresponding to the 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 7D specs, the price may increase by USD 20 to USD 30.

Next comes the risk and relevance of target clients. Classic has always been considered “suitable for everyone” because of its simplicity, not too picky about the condition of natural eyelashes, its change is not too big, so all ages can apply. Regarding the volume, although this type is not too complicated, the effect is impressive. It should be noted that weak eyelashes are advised not to apply volume eyelashes, those who have too droopy eyes, small eyes, or older people should also avoid them. Thus, classics can reach more clients better.

From the above analysis, the evaluation of the profit of classic vs volume lashes is not simply the unit profit per set of lashes. Still, it depends on the client, eyelash extension trend, store location, artistry, etc. It’s difficult to say between classic vs volume lashes and which type of extension brings you more. Instead, let’s find ways to optimize and promote the advantages of each type of eyelash extension so that they bring you the best profit.

Some advice to optimize costs and make high profits you should refer to

Avoid using low-quality products or materials to reduce costs. Instead, you should invest in it by cooperating with good, high-quality suppliers to give your clients peace of mind when using your services. Try to limit handling error cases. It takes your time and harms your reputation directly.

In addition, buying eyelash extensions wholesale from a good supplier is a better choice than buying products from different suppliers. Thus, you can get products at good prices and better policies than buying retail.

Offer client care policies, especially after the treatment, and remind them to return to take care of their lashes at the specified time. For regular clients, offer them special deals and encourage them to introduce you to potential clients. If you just opened a store, take advantage of this tip to cut advertising costs and still get many clients effectively.

Always advise them enthusiastically and introduce new eyelash extensions suitable for them. 

In the end, we hope that you will have a profitable and constantly growing store with crowded clients.

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