Chrome OS Flex is an ideal off-ramp for millions of PCs that can’t run Windows 11

Chrome OS Flex is an ideal off-lamp for millions of PCs that can't run Windows 11.

Olich Lawson

October 14, 2025 marks the end of support and security updates for the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10. This means that the official guaranteed features and security updates for unmet Windows PCs will also end. Windows 11 hardware requirements..

From the beginning of 2022, the date is still comfortable and far away. Many Windows 10 PCs will fail in the next three and a half years, and many people who want to upgrade to better or faster hardware have the opportunity to do so. But those who enjoy repairing, maintaining, and upgrading old hardware to keep it convenient will be looking into the cliff edge of that Windows 10 update before they know it.

So what happens to that hardware when Windows 10 is gone? Running Windows 11 on unsupported hardware One of the possible solutions, but Microsoft installs, runs, And update Windows 11 on old PCs; The company may block security updates for these computers tomorrow or allow new operating systems to run indefinitely. It’s difficult to plan that uncertainty.

Linux distributions are another option, especially more user-friendly distributions such as: Ubuntu, mintalso Elementary OS.. However, “user-friendly” is relative, and Linux distributions can contain parts that are difficult for beginners to learn.And the Linux distribution very To compete and succeed with Windows on consumer desktops and laptops, it’s probably now.

input Chrome OS FlexA lightweight Linux operating system version, congratulated by Google and supported by Google, that works with most standard PC hardware. It is the successor to Cloud Ready, a product based on Chromium OS. Purchased by Google in late 2020 And what we covered From the very early days As a way to turn an aging PC into an ersatz Chromebook.

Chrome OS (also Linux-based, but most of the time trying to hide it) is a consumer PC dominated by Windows and macOS, thanks to its simplicity, large and well-resourced backing. I was able to find a foothold in the world. An easy-to-use management tool for companies, schools and businesses. Google will also use Flex to give these organizations the opportunity to switch their Windows laptop fleets to Chrome OS fleets almost overnight while letting users of aging PCs try alternative operating systems. You can also.

I downloaded and installed the first developer version of Chrome OS Flex and read all its documentation to understand the difference between the type of hardware being run and the Cloud Ready operating system being replaced.

Note: Beta

The same tools used to create Chrome OS recovery media will also create Chrome OS Flex media. And you can cover all your PCs with this one USB drive.
expansion / / The same tools used to create Chrome OS recovery media will also create Chrome OS Flex media. And you can cover all your PCs with this one USB drive.

Andrew Cunningham

Chrome OS Flex is listed under all “real” Chrome hardware in the official Chromebook Recovery Utility. If you select Chrome OS Flex as the device manufacturer, you’ll see the Flex development channel build. There is no need to download different images for each device or CPU type. The Installation documentation It’s pretty clear and has lots of details as needed.

Flex’s development channel builds based on Chrome OS version 100 are clearly a fairly early version of the operating system.It’s still labeled “Cloud Ready” in multiple places, and Google’s list of certified models is Full of reminders to anticipate minor or major issues.. As with CloudReady, if you want to try out the OS without formatting the internal storage, you can run Chrome OS Flex completely from the USB installation drive. This is recommended for now.

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