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Chase Downtown Phoenix Tower

In this article, you’ll find a wealth of information to aid you in understanding the most important aspects of Chase Downtown Phoenix Tower.

Have you heard of Phoenix tower? What is the number of floors Phoenix Tower have? What happened recently in Phoenix tower? It is among the most sought-after towers located in the Downtown region of the United States of America The Phoenix tower has earned its name for the economic benefits of its residents.

Recently, a man has climbed this tower. A lot of people are looking for answers on the internet regarding Chase Downtown Phoenix Tower.

Chase Phoenix Tower Downtown:

Phoenix tower was constructed in 1972 within the area of the Central Avenue Corridor Downtown, it was a 40-story structure, however it has been used up to the 38th level, and two floors have been shut down to allow redevelopment.

What happened to Chase Phoenix Tower?

Recently, a man known as Maison Deschamps scaled the highest structure in Arizona on the 7th of February, 2023. The account on social media for Maison Deschamps is in favor of the life of spiderman and has held live sessions on this problem through the Instagram account.

However, according to the sources the police have taken the suspect into custody. If we come across any new information on man climbing the to the chase tower Phoenix We will be sure to share it on this website.

What is the measures used by the team at Phoenix Tower?

It was reported that the Phoenix Fire department said a call was made around 9.45 am. We dispatched a rescue crew immediately in a matter of minutes and divided it into two sections. Team A climbed the roof while team B made an area of safety to the ground floor.

Rescue teams have been conducting the right thing by communicating with the user to adhere to their instructions. In this way, they are able to help save the life of the person who is climbing. This information was shared with Chief Todd Keller of the Phoenix fire department.

What is the video Guy chasing after the Tower has to offer?

DesChamps appears in footage from the area as he climbs an external ventilation tube that measures three feet wide to the top where rescue and police personnel were waiting to meet his arrival. DesChamps was arrested quickly when he made it to the highest point of the building.

According to authorities the climb took approximately an hour. Officials at the scene said that the safety of DesChamps at the top of their tower was their top priority. They also was firmly opposed to this kind of incident.

More information on DesChamps The Man who chases the man Tower:

DesChamps has carried out similar actions previously. He rebranded his social media handle Pro-Life Spiderman , and he was able to do multiple live streams of buildings climbing.

A few of the climbs made by DesChamps:

  • He shared a picture of himself climbing to the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas in 2021.
  • He had climbed the Ritz The Carlton at Los Angeles,
  • The Ritz Carlton in Detroit,
  • The Renaissance Center in Detroit,
  • The Devon Tower in Oklahoma City the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City
  • The Salesforce Tower located in San Francisco for the pro-life cause.


On February 7, 2023, an individual identified as Deschamp was able to climb on the phoenix Chase Tower. A member of the Phoenix Fire department came to help him and then handed the suspect to police. currently he’s being held by the police.

Have you seen that viral footage showing Phoenix Chase tower climbing? Comment below.

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