Charm EMR VS iKnowMed EHR: 5 Ways offers best-in-class functionality!


Charm EMR is a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical record (EMR) software that is MIPS/MACRA ready and MU3 certified. It is a flexible and powerful solution catering to all your practice needs. From cloud based EHR to telehealth, patient engagement to medical billing and claim management to integrated health applications, charm EMR offers it all. iKnowMed is an EHR and EMR solution targeted for oncology practice. It is a powerful and flexible solution that improves the quality and efficiency of cancer treatment and management.

Charm EMR Features:

Some of the features of charm EMR are presented below: 

Cloud Based EHR:

Charm EMR features cloud based EHR storage and retrieval. HER is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere. The cloud-based storage provides data redundancy in the event of data corruption as well as ensures security of data through encryption and access control. Charm EMR can be accessed and shared easily with practitioners remotely.

Integrated TeleHealth:

Charmhealth software provides an integrated telehealth feature. This allows a practitioner to connect with patients in a contactless manner. This enables your clinic to become a virtual clinic and support remote patients. Charm EMR is HIPAA complaint Telehealth enabler. You can sign up for a free charm EMR demo to view its capabilities in a few minutes.

Practice Management:

Charm EMR is a complete practice management solution. Practice management includes appointment scheduling, document management, secure messaging, inventory management, credit card processing, eligibility checks and analytics reports. The Business Intelligence component allows you to predict opportunities and utilize them to increase your revenue. 

Patient Engagement and Mobile Health Apps:

Charm EMR allows a patient to install a custom app tailored for your clinic and providing services to patients. This engages many customers including remote ones. The mobile apps come with chart notes, kiosks, claim management, scheduler and secure messaging between patient and doctors.

Charm EMR price:

Charm EMR price is reasonable and available in different plans. The free plan has limited features and is limited to 50 encounters per month. This can also be used as a charm EMR demo. The encounter plan charges half a dollar per encounter per month and the fixed price version is available for 350 dollars per provider per month. Depending on your need you can select the plan best suited for your clinic. 

iKnowMed EHR software features:

Some features of iKnowMed EHR software are discussed below: 

Quality Cancer Care:

IKnowMed EHR provides quality cancer treatment and patient care. It provides comprehensive clinical support with a constantly updated library of oncology treatment, giving you the latest knowledge right at your doorstep. The latest treatment options are also integrated with treatment costs and insurance coverage. The patient information can easily be shared with practitioners and oncologists. 

Precision Medicine Support:

Medicine support including advanced tests for oncology are all supported through iKnowMed EHR. Order forms are easily accessible as EHR and EMR and can be shared with doctors and staff. Lab results can be accessed within the flow sheet for a comprehensive view. 

Personalize Clinical Workflows:

You can personalize clinical workflows aligned to your clinic’s workflows and suited to your needs. The information is shared with stakeholders through secure channels. The mechanism is accessible through computers as well as mobile devices. A new app supporting iOS has been developed for patients. This makes it easy to communicate with your patients remotely and conveniently. The process is completely automated from patient registration to treatment management and billing.

Regulatory Compliance:

iKnowMed EHR is regulatory complaint and provides the latest oncology-care solution for your clinic. You can access the latest diagnostic and treatment information for your patients and integrate them with billing codes and insurance claim management.

Universal accessibility:

iKnowMed EHR can be accessed across multiple devices giving you the freedom of retaining the current computing infrastructure in your clinic. It is accessible through mobile devices and smart tabs, running on Android and iOS.

iKnowMed EMR Demo:

Ontada’s iKnowMed EHR demo can be easily arranged to see the products effectiveness and suitability for your oncology practice. This is suitable for specialized clinics as well as autonomous departments within hospitals. Demo is free and can be arranged onsite for ease in decision making.

Charm EMR vs. IKnowMed:

Each software enables practice management, billing, appointment scheduling and are accessible through mobile applications. However, charmhealth EMR offers better services for its patients. iKnowMed EHR is limited to Oncology clinics and treatment.

1 – Complete and Comprehensive Practice Management: Charmhealth EMR is a single solution catering for all your practice needs. It offers a complete solution from patient registration to appointment scheduling, and treatment monitoring. Furthermore, it includes billing and convenient real time insurance claims processing. It is essentially a simple system that does not require a lot of training to master it.

2 – Audio/Video Calls and Messaging: You can communicate and interact with your patients remotely through audio and video calls as well as secure messaging. This increases the number of clients in your clinic. You can also hire practitioners who can access the system remotely.

3Flexible Payment Plans: chamhealth EMR provides flexible payment and pricing plans catering for your needs. From small clinics to large hospitals and autonomous departments, your needs can be served aptly without you spending more than you should. There is also a free plan for a limited number of interactions per month suitable for volunteer clinics and personalized health care.

4 – Cloud Enabled Solution: charm EMR is cloud-enabled and all the EHR and EMR are stored and accessed over the cloud. This gives you better freedom in accessibility.

5 – Smart Phone Support: Your staff, practitioners as well as the patients can use your services through their smart phones based on Android and iOS. This gives you a higher reach and ease of accessibility.

Our Take on this Matter:

While both software is state of the art and provide good functionalities, iKnowMed EHR is limited to oncology related treatments and patient management. Charmhealth EMR supports universal medical domains and is tailored for your needs. 

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