Cash1k Scam Let’s Find Out The All Details Here!

Cash1k Scam

Before you use, learn all the important facts and facts about Cash1K scam.

Many websites claim to be able to make quick money and are frequently launched in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. The Philippines is legal to operate similar websites and wealth-creation sites. Some of these sites may appear genuine while others are fraudulent., one of the newest websites launched, promises you huge profits from your home. To learn more about Cash1K scam, check out


Cash1K is a Cash1K Deal with Philippine currencies. (#). Cash1K doesn’t have an investment site that guarantees quick and huge profits. A new concept in cryptocurrency markets has emerged where celebrities publish their videos and viewers pay to view them.

Trailers for the latest films are usually included in Cash1K. To be paid, users must view the trailers. Cash1K earns wallet stores the earnings.

The user must pay for different plans when they sign up with Cash1K. The membership level determines how much time you get to play. This is used to confirm that cash1K is legit. There are many plans that promise to pay $17.25 to $1,552.50 each day.

Subscribers must have a large amount of cash to be eligible to subscribe to the plans. For example, to earn #1,552.50/day, one must pay #38.812.50 annually to earn $558,900 in all 365 days. In order to earn $5,58,900 per year, the user must watch as many videos as possible in the time allowed.

The credibility and honesty of can only be found in a few Southeast Asian countries. has a terrible 11% trust score, a zero ranking in Alexa and a low 7,612,295 Alexa rank. It also has a horrible 1/10 domain authority score. This suggests that is a scam. This suspicious site has a 33% suspect score 92% Risk, 50% scams and 17% Malware and a 92 Percent spam score.

Cash1K is not blacklisted and can connect via HTTPS protocol. Its IP has an active SSL certificate that is valid for the next 86 days.

Cash1K was registered in Iceland’s Capital Region, Reykjavik, on December 23, 2022. This is a highly risky country. Cash1K is only 3 days old. Cash1K has a very low chance of survival as the registration expires 11 months later than expected and 27 days after that date.

Features determining Cash1K Com Scam:

Withheld for privacy EHF blocks the Cash1K owners’ contact information and identity. Cash1K has a low number. Fraudsters love Cash1K’s registrar. Cash1K charges a registration fee and processes withdrawals using Perfect Money, Payeer Wallets, as well as Cryptocurrency.

Social media links Cash1K are not available.


Cash1K’s pathetic zero-business ranking is a sign that it’s a scam. Cash1K also offers a referral program that pays large amounts to its members. This is a sign of a Cash1K scam. Similar websites were down in less than six months and there was no way to recover the funds.

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