Can one calculate the return to player rate of a slot?

Return to Player

Have you ever wondered what it takes to calculate the return to player rate of a slot? Every slot game(alongside other casino games) has its odds and RTP for every bet type. But knowing the RTP of the game might be the difference in improving your winning chances – discover more now.

What is Return to Player?

Return to Player or RTP is the percentage showing the average chances of winning after a long playing session on a single game. Theoretically, the average is calculated over millions of spins for slot games. So the average RTP figure is what you see. For example, if a slot game has an RTP of 98%, then it means that for every dollar (or euro) you stake, you can expect to win back 98% while the 2% goes to the casino. This 2% is known as the house edge and thus the expected profits.

How to calculate the return to player rate of a slot?

Theoretically, calculating a slot’s return to player rate is pretty simple. You merely have to divide the total amount returned to players divided by the total amount gambled. However, the RTP does not, in reality, factor in the randomness of the slot game alongside the variance and the payouts at stake. High variance slots tend to have massive prizes, which means their RTPs may be significantly less than advertised. In contrast, low to medium variance slots have lower chances of losing your money quickly, so their payouts are usually smaller. But still, can you actually manually calculate the return to player rate of a slot?

The truth is that it is impossible to calculate the actual RTP of any slot on your own. Doing that would mean you have to play an infinite number of slot games and then figure out how many you can win back. Fortunately, developers have found computer algorithms for setting the RTPs of their software releases. These algorithms play millions of rounds in a short time, replicating and helping evaluate the RTP of any game. Hence, the slot machines (and other casino games) are set to ensure that the casino keeps between 2% to 5% (or whatever edge the house sets for that game) while the remaining is paid back as winnings to players randomly. A good rule of thumb when seeking the best slot machines is to choose slot games with RTPs over 96% for online casinos. Land-based casinos are known to have lower RTPs due to the operating expenses of running physical facilities.

Concluding thoughts

The RTP of any slot game is a valuable tool for depicting the winning chances of playing that particular slot. This is why tons of online casinos regularly advertise the RTP of their game. The best games with the highest RTPs tend to guarantee more both players and the casinos, creating a win-win situation. That said, alongside the RTP of any game, you should study the paytable and build your bankroll management strategy also to improve your winning odds.

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