Call of Duty now lets you destroy cheaters with your own automatic god mode


Fraudster bans don’t always work because you can usually create another account.So like a game call of Duty More and more people are looking for ways to make abusing the game less fun — and the latest ideas give honest players their own cheats. New “Damage Shield” call of Duty War zoneWith the new Ricochet anti-cheat software, the scammer’s bullets bounce off quickly so you can approach and destroy yourself while you’re cheerfully flying around.

You can see YouTuber Tim The Tatman showing it off here. About 1 minute 13 seconds of this video:

In a blog post Activision announces this feature, which will only be active if the server detects that a scammer is tampering with the game in real time, and the possibility that the game will randomly or accidentally apply a damage shield is possible. No. ” ‘I’m wondering about it.

“We never interfere with shootouts between law-abiding community members,” Activision adds. So if you see this happening when you’re not cheating, you probably have a question.

The company also has scammers informing them that they will start banning them altogether. call of Duty It’s a game franchise, not just for each game, and its ban extends into the future. call of Duty Games too. It writes:

Future extreme or recurring security policy violations, such as in-game fraud, can lead to permanent suspension of all accounts. In addition, any attempt to hide, spoof, or obfuscate the ID or ID of the hardware device can result in a permanent outage.

Cheating is becoming more and more a game tragedy For the past few years, leaving the popular games as they are Pro gamers have abandoned some titles When Console player refuses to cross-play with PC This is because fraudsters are widespread there. Epic will not be updated Fortnite Run on a steam deck Scammers are also afraid.

Companies like Activision Huge new anti-fraud initiative, Unique kernel-level driver for PCBut they are also fighting cheats with legal action, bring the action Also Threaten to sue Put their makers on the ground.

However, trolling scammers is also a fun tactic. In addition to the new Call of Duty shield We saw League of Legends When Apex Legends Developer They propose to have the scammers fight each other exclusively and blame them for fighting it in the scammers’ hell.

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