Buying Savini Wheels for the First Time? 3 Forged Beauties You Can Consider!


When it comes to luxury, flair, a dose of exclusivity & beauty, there are very few brands of aftermarket rims that can even come close to Savini Wheels. Savini is one of the handful of major manufacturers that specialize in crafting and selling customized wheels.

Simply put, if you place an order via their website or some of the country’s most renowned retailers, Savini will get back to you and note down every single detail about the vehicle you own. Once that is done, they will manufacture a set that is a one-off, tailored only for your vehicle and with no other copies!

This is a subgenre of the aftermarket wheels’ niche since there are so few players. Lexani is another brand that also takes exclusive-only orders. Even the biggest companies like Fuel Wheels are not members of this subgenre.

Formed in 2003, Savini has maintained its position at the top of the pecking order with regular launches, vastly superior designs and aesthetics, catering mostly to luxury passenger cars and not compromising on quality. Their R&D department too has very few competitors.

Over the last few years, the company has gone on produce more and more off-road wheels as demand for them has skyrocketed. There was some hesitation at first; after all, Savini’s products were aimed at the Mercedes, the Bentleys and the Rolls-Royces among so many others. And none of these vehicles had any use for off-road rims.

But market compulsions have had their say, and the latest forged Savini Wheels are ideal for off-roading. They are, as usual, customized for the client. Every part of the finely-engineered rim can be modified just as before.

Are you looking for high-quality Savini off-road wheels? Try out these 3 bestselling models!

The top 3 Savini Wheels suited for off-roading

Fuel Wheels is probably leading the market as far as off-road rims are considered. In fact, Fuel was created by its parent company – MHT Luxury – to be their flagship range of rims for off-road use. That was in 2009; since then, Fuel’s product lines have left most clients stunned with their performance and style.

But they are no match for Savini’s forged marvels!

Let’s begin.

  1. Savini SX-4: This multipiece wonder was one of the first members of the SX family that now boasts several other models. The SX-4 was designed exclusively for high-performance vehicles and ATVs that plied across Europe. It was designed keeping the sensibilities of European clients and automakers. In early 2022, the SX-4 received a few additions and was relaunched to showcase its prowess as off-road wheels.

With the sharply concave profile and the industry-standard 6061-T6 aluminum that goes into each rim, it is safe to conclude that many clients who did not take Savini as a ‘serious’ player in the off-road space have changed their minds.

You can easily customize every part of these wheels. The all-new SX-4 series starts at 20 and goes north till 26 inches. Some bold new colors have also been featured.

  • Savini SV72: This is a pretty iconic range and have been spotted over the years adorning such muscle cars as the NissanGT-R and the Huracan and Urusmodels of Lamborghini. Of course, these are low-slung sportscars, and the SV72 was designed for them initially. However, the range has received a few more models and has witnessed some nips and tucks to make them off-road-worthy.

At a glance, the SV72 off-road rims will not look very different from the latest Fuel Wheels. But that is understandable because both are meant for off-road use.

A closer glance reveals that these are Savini masterpieces. With 9 different configurations plus the usual options for customizations, these rims are lightweight and will absorb any punishment they receive when you go off the paved roads and take to the dirt trails. These rims are designed to absorb shocks and sudden-braking effects without even a minor hiccup.

We checked out the latest off-road variants at AudioCity USA, one of our most favorite automotive retailers in California. These guys have been selling aftermarket rims for more than 33 years, and their staff know what they are talking about.

In any case, they recommended the XLT & the DuoBlock series if we wanted one-off sets for off-roading. These 2 series are part of the SV72 family and are beyond excellent.

  • Savini GRID GD-4: We’ll end this condensed list with the most powerful and enviable rims for off-roading from the house of Savini Wheels! Savini had shown off its new GRID series (designed only for off-roading) back at the 2015 edition of SEMA. Since then, the GD4 and GD5 have both earned excellent reviews as worthy off-roading companions.

If you are looking for a memorable experience on the worst stretches of land you can think of, try out the latest variants of the GD4. Since GRID is a subsidiary of Savini, they share the same pedigree of manufacturing excellence and superior aesthetics that are the company’s hallmarks.

Most of the new variants start from 18 inches. While they are a bit heavier than the models mentioned above, they do not impede the driving experience in any way.

A few last words

You are probably aware already that Savini Wheels are rather expensive. But these customized superstars are worth every penny, as you well know. Please purchase your next set of their rims from authorized dealers or the company’s website only.

Stay away from the countless fakes which look very similar but cost much less!

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