Boost Your Facebook Video Marketing With These 10 Tips


Facebook, the largest social media platform, has undergone numerous changes in recent years. What started as a platform for maintaining and building social contact is now a massive marketplace for brands and businesses to grow, promote, and engage with their target audience. Facebook is now a fully equipped platform for video marketing, offering space to host 360-degree videos to sell a product with the help of chatbots.

Facebook has built an incredible community empowering 200 million+ businesses and connecting billions of people. Video marketing on Facebook may seem challenging for beginners, but these top 10 tips will help you ace your Facebook video marketing strategy.

1. Identify the objective and goal

Facebook is not just a social media platform but an excellent marketplace for businesses to connect with their target audience. However, hard sales and constantly appearing pushy to buyers are not the right ways to market on Facebook. Before creating videos for Facebook, it is essential to identify the goals and purposes the video aims to achieve. Before devising the video marketing campaign, ask yourself:

  • Who is my target audience, and how can I engage with them better?
  • What’s the purpose — educating, informing, or creating visibility for the brand?
  • Is the aim to drive organic traffic to the website?
  • Do I want to take care of online reputation management?
  • How can I drive sales without being pushy?

The strategy should be to create videos that align with the purpose. If you intend to create awareness about a product, share tutorial videos. If the goal is to drive sales, add a strong CTA within the video. If the aim is to increase the brand’s visibility, create raw and authentic videos that tell a story and evoke emotions.

2. Experiment with video types

Sticking to just one or two types of videos is not good from a marketing point of view. Ensure that there is variety in the videos. A Facebook video editor helps edit videos to make them crisper, informative, and precise. Here are some of the video categories suitable for Facebook marketing:

  • Product reviews and customer testimonials: Customer reviews and testimonials build trust and credibility. Such videos are important as most customers buy a product only after reading a review and checking out the testimonial.
  • User-generated content: Repost the videos posted or created by the customers as it makes the brand look authentic. It also strengthens the bond with loyal customers.
  • Tutorial videos: Tutorials inform and educate about a product or service, which helps create a sales funnel. Tutorials are effective ways to engage new and existing customers.
  • Entertaining videos: These are fun videos meant to entertain the audience. It can be script-based videos, behind-the-scenes action, employee introductions, etc.

3. Create a strong intro 

The first five to 10 seconds are enough to get the audience hooked. Unless viewers find the initial few seconds interesting, they will be less inclined to wait till the end of the video. People scroll endlessly on Facebook and only stop when something catches their eye. A strong opening or hook encourages people to take notice and continue watching the video till the end.

4. Add subtitles to the video

The endless scrolling on Facebook happens with the audio muted. Hence, it is imperative to add text that entices the audience. Add relevant subtitles so that people understand what the video is about and watch it. Subtitles also help build a credible global audience.

5. Create short videos for Facebook

Once you get a sense of how to create videos for Facebook, remember that keeping them short and simple will yield good results. Facebook is not the right platform for long-form videos. Given that viewers have a limited attention span, it is best to keep the video short and straightforward. Keep the video length within two to five minutes while packing a powerful message.

6. Use a catchy and attractive thumbnail

This is especially important for Facebook ads as the thumbnail gives information about the video. There are higher chances of people clicking and watching the video based on the thumbnail. Use an appropriate image with informative text to make the thumbnail attractive for the audience.

7. Create a video series for Facebook

Creating a series keeps the audience engaged as it releases the information in parts. Creating interactive and interesting videos using a Facebook video editor will help brands draw audience interest. Instead of putting out all the parts of the series at once, schedule them and release them in phases.

8. Always add a CTA in video ads

Facebook video ads are pretty effective in reaching the target audience. It is critical that you add a powerful CTA redirecting the audience to the next step. If the intention is to get the audience to buy a product or service, redirect them to the website to complete the purchase. A CTA is quite effective in driving organic traffic.

9. Consider the entire sales funnel

The first step in creating a video marketing campaign on Facebook is to focus on all stages of the sales funnel. Heavily sales-oriented videos seldom help unless you have educated the audience enough about the brand, product or service.

Your first few videos should ideally educate and inform customers about the brand, services, and products. Once you create adequate awareness, it automatically helps in improving engagement. As people show interest, you can gradually shift to making sales-oriented videos.

10. Schedule and automate posts

Once your Facebook video marketing campaign gathers steam, it is recommended that you start scheduling posts. Use analytics to figure out the best time slots for different types of posts. Based on this, you can schedule and automate posts and maintain continuous engagement with your audience.


Facebook is an excellent platform for businesses or brands with an effective video marketing strategy to create visibility. With billions of users on the platform, it is a strategic marketplace for businesses to connect with an extensive audience pool. As people consume more videos than static content, video ads are highly sought-after in digital marketing. Although Facebook video marketing may seem challenging initially, it offers substantial ROI for businesses. These easy tips can be effective in crafting a solid Facebook video marketing strategy and boosting your business growth.

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