Boonji NFT A Detailed Insight Of The Project!

Boonji NFT
Boonji NFT

This article is about the Boonji NFT that will be offering its first sale. For more information check out this article about Boonji.

Have you started your crypto investment? What do you think is the most relevant aspect of NFT is to this market? Did you know about the Boonji project?

If you aren’t, you’re at the right page since we’ve got the details you require. The people of Singapore, Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom are excited about the idea of Boonji Avatars.

We’ll begin our writing by introducing you to related terms and then learn the details of Boonji’s NFT. We will start our discussion by understanding the meaning of NFT is.

What is NFT?

As new tokens and artworks People always want to learn more about NFT. Thus, NFTs are distinctive digital tokens. The first NFT project was announced in 2015 , as an element of the Ethereum blockchain.

The unique digital tokens could be anything like art sculpture, article or painting, and much more.

It is a reference to Non-Fungible Tokens, that means it can’t be replaced by another one, but it is able to be bought, traded and then sold. This distinction is made between it and other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that are inherently fungible.

What’s what is the Boonji NFT project?

Boonji project is an assortment of NFTs with digital avatars named Boonji developed by Brendan Murphy. With this initiative, you’ll also have the chance to explore the undiscovered galaxy Joa that has eight planets.

It is a ticket to an explorer of the galaxy, which you can discover with Boonji Spaceman. When you’re buying Boonji Spaceman, you are also a member the Boonji Communji. Boonji Communji.

Famous musician Brendan Murphy came with this idea partner along with Jupiter and released It on Ethereum blockchain.

The auction of Boonji NFT is built on an Dutch auction, let’s look at a few details about the auction.

about Dutch auction

As with other auctions that are used for purchasing and selling used items that must be quickly sold. In this instance, the seller starts by offering the most expensive price and reduces the price until it is accepted as an offer. The Boonji team Boonji project introduced public sales that were based upon Dutch auctions.

What’s included it that is included in the purchase?

The first 200 NFTs will come with Boonji spaceman figurines. Furthermore, the price starts at 3.3ETH and drops to 0.1ETH per 5 minutes and then lasts 0.3ETH at the maximum. Be aware that Boonji NFT supply is total Boonji NFT supply is 7,777.

What time will be when the Boonji sales?

The Dutch auction was scheduled to start their first drop on the 13th of October at 6 pm, however they’ve changed their date on October 13 to 9pm. Their server was crashing due to high demand and the auction date was changed on October 14, at 6:45 am. As I write this blog it is inaccessible, and they’re trying to resolve the issue.


The sale also includes special offers, such as 30 random buyers who participate in the sale will be awarded a one-of-one physical painting. Additionally, if you purchase five or more Boonji NFT You will also have an opportunity to win a massive 7 foot Boonji Spaceman Sculpture worth $750,000 and for free.

The sculpture is made of carbon and is adorned with eight levels of base-painting technique using silver.

For the most up-to-date information on this sale follow their official Twitter account.

Are you equally looking forward to that very first Boonji drop? Comment below in the comments section if you’re ready to go on a journey with Joa.

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