Black Orchid Dossier.Co Review {January 2022} Check It Before Order!

Black Orchid Dossier.Co Review
Black Orchid Dossier.Co Review

Check out this article to learn the opinions about a well-known perfume by Dossier. Particularly, you can learn about Black Orchid Reviews to learn the truth about the perfume. is a well-known brand within the United States. It offers a variety of scents and perfumes. One of the most popular scents includes Spicy Orchid Perfume. Spicy Orchid is created by Tom Ford’s fragrance called Black Orchid, which is usually sold for $160.00.

Are you looking to purchase the Spicy Orchid Perfume? Are you interested in knowing what people think of Spicy Orchid Perfume? Read on to learn about the Black Orchid Review.

About Black Orchid:

Spicy Orchid Perfume is a blend of cinnamon and pink pepper as top notes. It is then ylang-ylang, Plum along with Orchid within the middle note. Finally, Sandalwood, Incense, Vanilla and Patchouli as the base notes. Spicy Orchid Perfume smells intense and sensuous scent that reminds of the summer nights.

How to use Black Orchid?

  • Spicy Orchid Perfume may be applied in a single application, but it is suggested to use the other perfumes from Dossier.
  • It offers a more relaxing scent with its vanilla floral scent
  • Use vanilla scents to spray, and then apply the Spicy Orchid Perfume in succession on your body (or) the cloths
  • Apply pressure to the affected area in order to increase the activity

Black Orchid Review of Specifications:

  • Buy Spicy Orchid Perfume at:
  • Price: $39.00
  • Manufacturer and Brand: Dossier
  • Ingredients: Aldehyde C18, Ambrox DL, Aldehyde C18 Bacdanol, Ambrox DL Benzyl Acetate, Bacdanol Beta Ionone, Benzyl Acetate Canthoxal, Beta Ionone Cinnamic Alcohol, Canthoxal Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate, Cinnamic Alcohol Citronellol, Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate Coumarine, Citronellol DMBC Butyrate, Coumarine Exaltolide, DMBC Butyrate Floral, Exaltolide Geraniol., Floral Habanolide, Geraniol. Hedione, Habanolide Iso E Super, Hedione Lemon Ess, Iso E Super Linalol, Lemon Ess Linalyl Acetate, Linalol Patchouli Ess, Linalyl Acetate Sandalore, Patchouli Ess Vanlline, Sandalore Vertofix, Vanlline Vetiver Ess, Vertofix Vetynal, Vetiver Ess Ylang Ess, VetynalPink Pepper Ess, Ylang Ess
  • Concentration: Black Orchid Reviewfinds 18% concentration
  • Eco-friendly: Colorant, Vegan, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and UV Filter-free
  • Glass Bottle Size: 50ml (or) 1.7oz
  • Dimensions of the Product: 5x 5.25x 2.75 inc.
  • Weight of the product:1.5 Pounds


  • Spicy Orchid Perfume comes with strong scent that has a cinnamon scent and a soft villains as it wears off.
  • Spicy Orchid Perfume is appropriate for winter. It will not cause stains on clothing.
  • Spicy Orchid Perfume can be used for every occasion and is suitable for evenings because it lasts for the next day.


  • Spicy Orchid Perfume could be irritated because it causes headaches.
  • Black Orchid Review of the scent finds that it’s not as sturdy and durable when compared with Tom Ford’s scent of Black Orchid
  • The majority of the time, Spicy Orchid Perfume isn’t available on

Is Black Orchid Effective and Valuable?

Let’s take a look at Spicy Orchid Perfume and its brand name to evaluate its value-for-money.

The brand’s name:

  • Spicy Orchid Perfumes are made and marketed by Dossier
  • has an extended existence that spans more than nine years
  • Dossier has achieved a top ranking on Alexa and is currently ranked at 61,084.
  • has earned a level of confidence of 76% according to the Black Orchid Review
  • Dossier is a Dossier label has substantial reach on various social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter
  • There are over 22K people who have subscribed to Dossier profiles on various social media websites

Information about the item:

  • Its Spicy Orchid Perfume is sold through several online shopping websites as well as social media platforms.
  • The client was pleased with it because it’s very similar to Tom Ford’s scent that is Black Orchid, an expensive brand.
  • Spicy Orchid Perfume achieved a favorable rating on the internet, YouTube and other social media websites.

Spicy Orchid perfume from Dossier authentic item and Dossier is a genuine brand.

Customer Black Orchid Review:

263 Spicy Orchid Reviews on give it a 4.4/5 stars. This feedback from customers can be seen on a variety of shopping websites as well. Additionally, reviews of customers online also provide an 4.4/5 rating.

Three YouTube reviews of Spicy Orchid Perfume were also positive. Positive feedback was received about Spicy Orchid perfume on Facebook as well as other social media websites.

The majority of negative reviews revealed the fact that Spicy Orchid Perfume was out of stock, bottles leaked poor customer service, and discolored packaging.


black orchid The review concludes that it’s an authentic product, as numerous customers have received it and were satisfied with the quality. It is also a legitimate brand due to its long-standing existence. Dossier is also a reputable brand because of its long existence, high ratings for trust and an excellent rank on Alexa. Overall, the Spicy Orchid fragrance is a reputable brand with positive customer reviews along with ratings and feedback as well as an impressive presence on social media platforms.

Are the reviews of Spicy Orchid perfume helpful? Comment below regarding Spicy Orchid Perfume Reviews.

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