Best Home Remedies for Ankle Pain


One million people get treated in hospitals each year for ankle injuries. Forty percent of ankle sprains have the possibility of developing into long-term problems.

An ankle sprain, more commonly referred to as “rolled ankle or twisted ankle injury”, is an often-suffering injury which occurs any time one rolls or twists their ankle, even while walking. Not always require immediate medical treatment but often need attention as soon as possible.

Any serious sprain or bone fracture should be checked up by a doctor. Talk to your doctor if you’re having trouble telling your injury from another.

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Home Remedies for Ankle Pain


Doctors advocate this time-tested treatment for mild sprains and strains since it is widely known and widely used by athletes and their parents.

  • Take it easy and rest for a few days; don’t put any weight on the injured area.
  • To alleviate discomfort and edema, ice the ankle several times daily.
  • A static or elastic compression bandage can be used to help reduce swelling.
  • By raising the injured foot or ankle above the level of the heart, blood and other fluids are diverted away from the site of the injury.

The RICE method of healing may be more effective than you think. Start it as soon as possible after an ankle injury to reduce the swelling and pain that accompany inflammation.

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Treatment Using Cold Compressions

Renting a cold therapy system for use at home can be a useful addition to RICE. The principles of RICE therapy are utilized in cold and compression therapy, with the addition of technological advancements and the capacity to elevate the affected limb. 

With a cold and compression therapy system, you won’t have to keep an ice pack on your ankle; instead, you’ll wear a wrap that molds to your body and has integrated chambers that deliver cold water and compressed air. Since the water is constantly being recycled, the temperature may be kept stable during the treatment. 

Pressured air provides a pumping effect similar to muscle contractions found naturally within our bodies and helps decrease swelling.

As a result, they experience longer lasting and deeper-penetrated colds that accelerate healing processes. All you have to do to utilize a cold therapy system is fill the reservoir with ice and water, put on the wrap, and put your leg up to relax while the device performs the rest of the job.

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An ankle sprain isn’t life-threatening, though it may be uncomfortable. Over-the-counter pain relievers can provide temporary relief of both discomfort and swelling; therefore, you should consider their use if the discomfort becomes intolerable. Furthermore, any medications taken must be disclosed to your physician in accordance with recommended dosage schedules.

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Epsom Salt

A warm bath with Epsom salt can help your sprained ankle feel better after a few days. In the first several days after an injury, applying cold is crucial. Epsom salt may provide relief for muscle and connective tissue pain as well as joint stiffness. Aim to take an Epsom salt bath every few days (not too hot!).

Poultices Made from Natural Ingredients

Your kitchen contains numerous natural anti-inflammatory remedies. Poultices can help reduce swelling, while ingredients like turmeric, garlic, onion, castor oil and olive oil all make excellent natural anti-inflammatories that can be warmed gently and applied topically to sprained ankles before being bandaged for several hours. Although studies on inflammation reduction vary significantly across individuals, eating foods known to do just this can only benefit your overall health.

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