Apple iOS 14.7 Is Coming Soon For Your iPhone

Apple iOS 14.7 Is Coming Soon For Your iPhone
Apple iOS 14.7 Is Coming Soon For Your iPhone

iOS 14.7 is soon coming to the Apple iPhone. The release candidate version has been seeded for developers. This means that, unless a bug is discovered, the final iOS 14.7 update will be available to all iPhone users in the coming days. The bug fixes and feature enhancements include support for the MagSafe Battery Pack, timers for HomePod, air quality information from more countries, and updates for Apple Music as well as Podcasts. Release Candidate is a sign that the software is near final release. The timing of the release could coincide with the arrival in stores of the MagSafe Battery Pack. These are the full release notes for iOS 14.7 iPhones.

  • MagSafe Battery Packsupport iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini
  • Apple CardFamily allows you to combine credit limits, share one account with another Carduser, and even allow you to co-own the same card.
  • The Home app allows you to set timers.
  • Weather and Maps now provides air quality information for Canada, France and Italy.
  • The Podcasts Library allows you to select to view all or just the most popular shows

Apple Music does not have a Share Playlist Menu option

  • Dolby Atmos or Music lossless audio playback could unexpectedly stop
  • The battery service message may have vanished after a reboot of some iPhone 11 models has been restored
  • When composing mail messages, Braille displays may show incorrect information.

The iOS 14.7 update will also address the Wi-Fi bug, which could lead to iPhones being unable to connect to Wi-Fi enabled hotspots. The release notes for the next iOS upgrade do not mention any battery or performance tweaks. This suggests that they may be minor improvements. This could be the last iOS 14 update. iOS 15 is expected to arrive later in the year, just as the new Apple iPhone 13 series launches.

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