Apple AirTag Review: Don’t Start Misplacing Your Wallet And Keys, Just For Fun!

Apple AirTag Review
Apple AirTag Review

It’s a terrible feeling to lose things. It’s that moment when your heart rate drops and you feel like your car keys are missing from your pocket. You can’t find your laptop sleeves as you move from one conference room in the office to another. It can be very frustrating. It is very time-consuming to go back and retrace your steps. It makes you appear a bit of an expert. Tile, which makes trackers specifically for this purpose, has been one of the best solutions to date. Tile can crib as much as they like, but they cannot match the success of Apple’s AirTag trackers. Any iPhone can report a lost item anywhere in the world. The AirTag experience only grows from there.

Apple AirTag is a Must Have Your home keys. Car keys. Your wallet. Your laptop sleeve. Backpack. Your handkerchief. How about a small tracker that you could attach to these items and retrieve them when they are lost? This is exactly what the Apple AirTag trackers would try to create. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, you will likely find an accessory to help you attach, pin, or latch an Apple AirTag tracker onto your belongings. The tracking data will be found in your iPhone’s Find My app. This tracker is not limited to Bluetooth connectivity. It uses both the U1 ultrawideband (UWB), and Bluetooth Low Energy radios. This will allow it to tap into the global mesh created by every Apple iPhone, so you can find what you need in the vastness that is this world.

Imagine the Find My Network being a global mesh hiding in plain sight. Imagine yourself in a mall. You did some shopping, then you went out for dinner. You realize your wallet is missing as you prepare to pay the bill. It was a big oops moment. Although you may be able to pay with your smartphone and get out of this situation, where is your wallet? You can track your Apple AirTag tracker with the Find My app. It doesn’t matter how far away it is from you and your iPhone. The tracker connects with any Apple iPhone and Mac within range, pulls in location data, and updates the Find My App. Any Apple device with Find My enabled. You can connect to any phone that your Apple AirTag tracker is currently tracking in serial order. As you use the app’s directions, you will get updated location data. It’s all intuitive and impressive to see how Apple seamlessly built and implemented a network of devices on Find My network to allow them to communicate with each other. An Apple AirTag tracker can be marked as lost in your Find My App. Anyone who finds it can tap it via NFC and see all the information you have about how to contact it. This works with both Android and iPhone phones.

But what about my privacy? Apple undoubtedly uses a vast and growing network of devices to establish an invisible mesh that can communicate with itself and assist each other when necessary. Even though it’s only a temporary connection, it’s sufficient to collect the location data needed to track and retrieve. Apple claims that each AirTag’s Bluetooth ID is randomly generated at short intervals. Even if the Apple AirTag trackers have to use the network of Apple devices to assist you in finding your way, your personal information is not shared with any connected device, even temporarily. Any iPhones, iPads, or Macs that connect to the Apple AirTag at any time, are completely anonymous and encrypted. Apple claims that the tracker does not save any location data, and the relay of this data to Find My App is encrypted.

Do not get smug. Your secretly placed AirTag will soon be revealed. An “AirTag Detected near You” alert will be sent to you if there’s an unconnected AirTag within your range. The tracker will play a warning sound if it is still not found for several minutes. It will only be able to locate it on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS14.5 or later versions. This feature is not available for those who use an Android phone.

Why does it sit there and look like something you can eat? Apple’s design is spot-on. Each Apple AirTag tracker measures only 3.5 inches. It is well built. It is well-built and can be stored in wallets. The white finish is very attractive. It looks like a piece o’ chocolate. It is easy to forget that the tracker has a dual finish, which easily catches scratches and scuffs. The white plastic can easily show dents if you don’t take care. The underside of the iPod Nano, which has a chrome finish, is likely to show scuffs regardless of what you do. It is a good idea to get an accessory to protect the tracker to some extent. The AirTag Leather Key Ring or the AirTag Loop are both options. This design has a positive side. The CR2032 cells can be easily replaced and you can order them online or from a local store. Apple claims that these batteries will last approximately one year in an AirTag. The AirTag has not yet reached low battery status so I can’t say how long you have before the tracker runs out.

Would you like an Emoji on your AirTag? Apple India Online Store offers the ability to personalize your AirTag by engravings. This will be included in all AirTag orders. Text, numbers, emojis, and mixed media can all be used. Perhaps you can identify each gadget or belonging that you plan to use by using an emoji? You could also use your initials to keep you and your family apart. This is a nice option, especially since it is not something you can do later. Even if it’s not, engraving something on the AirTag just enhances its visual appeal.


The Apple AirTag costs Rs 3,190 for a single tracker, and Rs 10,900 for a set of four trackers. Because Apple has a vast network of devices around the globe, the utility and practicality of the AirTag is unmatched. It is impossible to match that level of scale. Google might be able to do it, but would they? The AirTag works in Apple style. The AirTag doesn’t require you to go through complicated setup. The tracker will tell you when it is time to notice and sit up. Apple doesn’t allow third-party access to this mesh or chain. All data is encrypted and anonymized. Many people continue to complain about the inability of Apple to exit an ecosystem. People don’t want out. Everything works.

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