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Apple recently acquired AI Music. This is a startup that uses artificial intelligence to stitch together the sounds of royalty-free music to create a soundtrack. The acquisition of the London-based company was reportedly completed in the last few weeks, according to unnamed sources. Bloomberg..

The startup website has been removed, but the cached version is how AI Music and its “Infinite Music Engine” modify music to adapt to publishers, marketers, fitness professionals, and other professions. Shows. Technicians can even adapt the music “to your heartbeat”.Moreover LinkedIn pageAI Music’s goal is “to enable consumers to choose the music they need, seamlessly edit it to their needs, and create dynamic solutions for their audience.” I am saying.

In a 2017 interview, AI Music CEO Siavash Mahdavi said: Music ally Startups aren’t about generating music from scratch, it’s about “changing” music to change the way songs are consumed. One way is to increase the tempo of the song when someone is running, or slow it down when someone is walking. In more advanced applications, AI can grab an existing song, convert it, and swipe left or right to listen to another version. This probably means that you can pick out songs from genres you haven’t heard and use AI to tailor them to your liking.

“It’s an idea for context AI. Maybe you’re listening to a song and maybe a little more acoustic version in the morning,” Mahdavi said. “Maybe it’s the same song you play when you go to the gym, but it’s a deep house or drum’n’bass version. And a little more jazzy in the evening. The song can actually shift itself. The entire genre, or the key on which it is played, is subject to change. “

Apple refused to comment on the acquisition, so it’s unclear how much the tech giant paid the startup or how it plans to use the technology within its services. At this point I can only guess, but it seems that AI could reach Apple Music in some way. Of course, using AI to basically remix existing songs (if that’s Apple’s direction) raises all sorts of copyright issues.

Alternatively, Apple can use this song-changing AI to create Apple TV + show soundtracks, Apple Fitness + workout music, or background tracks for marketing materials (AI Music is AI). Can be used for “audio ads that match the listener’s context”). ..

Apple is quietly moving to enhance its music streaming service, Purchased the classical music service Primephonic in August last year’s. As Bloomberg points out, these are just two of Apple’s handful of acquisitions in the last 12 months.

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