8 Photography Tips For Beginners


In the matter of photography, it is a procedure or technique that allows obtaining still images of reality, through the action of light on a sensitive surface or on a sensor. But talking about their representations, we can say what we as photographers want to convey in each of them, there are endless things that we can capture through a lens, we constantly photograph our daily lives, for example, family meals, outings with friends, we even take selfies, this is just to capture and remember the exact moment, in which we are living, and that in some way, we would like it to never end. Without a doubt, photography is something to treasure those special and representative moments for us.

Here you can find the best tips on nude photography for 2023

You probably like to take photos from your phone, would you like to learn how to do it with a better technique? Are you passionate about art and photography? Do you like to capture landscapes, people, buildings, or anything that visually looks aesthetic? If you are thinking about what to study, well, the Bachelor of Communication is for you!

Take a look at these little tips so that your photographs have the most professional characteristics

1. Activate the reticle of your mobile

This will help you to have better composition and direction of all your joint elements in view, as the viewer will be complicit in understanding the information displayed, and have a greater connection with it.

2. Use natural light whenever possible.

Good natural lighting is essential to achieve perfectly defined images. By controlling the shadows created by natural light, you can add an element of interest to your photos.

3. A true photographer is never afraid to get dirty or drop to the ground to get the best angle.

If to capture a unique moment you need to get dirty or throw yourself on the floor, don’t hesitate, that’s what a true photographer would do. You can get a unique photograph and best of all, your authorship!

4. Be careful with overexposure.

Perform a point measurement on a point where the hue has an intermediate value. Locks the exposure to prevent the camera from resetting if you move or change the frame. If possible, avoid the hours of maximum solar intensity.

5. Ideally, you should not zoom in on your photos, as this creates noise.

“When we use the digital zoom, what we are actually doing is cutting the camera sensor itself, which generates noise”, explains Rodrigo Rivas, a professional photographer specializing in mobile photography”. (Catala, 2017, para. 4)

6. Avoid using flash

The Led Flash that comes in mobiles produces a light that is too harsh, which in turn generates very marked shadows and is rarely subtle. So avoid using it as much as possible, and if you do, it’s because there’s no other choice.

7. seize perspective

Perspective in photography refers to the spatial relationship between the subjects in the frame. Also that the way the image was composed helps the viewer to see the world from a new perspective: yours.

8. Take lots of photos, there will always be something new to discover!

The more photographs you manage to take, you have the possibility of finding the best.

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