7 Cities with the most Sugar Daddy in the world


The goal of the SugarBaby is to find a relationship with someone, a SugarDaddy, who can offer them the life they want. To help in this search, we are going to reveal the cities with the most sugar daddies in the world, places where you are most likely to find one.

1. Tokyo, Japan

In the first place, and far from the rest, we find Tokyo with 461,000 millionaires. It is definitely the TOP 1 in cities with the most Sugar daddies in the world. If you like anime and ancient Japanese culture, this is for you!

2. New York, USA

It is home to the richest and most influential people in America. Not only does it have 389,000 millionaires, but it also has more billionaires than any city in the world. 70 billionaires live in New York and, furthermore, in Manhattan, 7% of the population is a millionaire.

3. London, England

London is a city with very high costs. To live in the center you have to have a lot of money and that is why London is home to 281,000 millionaires and 54 billionaires. Perfect for a little summer sugar trip! -you have to do tourism too, hehe-.

4. Paris, France

The city of love, beauty, art and culture is in the fourth position with 219,000 millionaires. 39% of millionaires in all of France live in Paris, where 22 billionaires also live. Oh La La!

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5. Frankfurt, Germany

The German city of Frankfurt is in fifth place with 217,000 millionaires. By the way, while we’re on our way, we can have a wheat beer and a German sausage.

6. Beijing, China

The richest city in China has more than 213,000 millionaires who represent 17% of the rich in all of China. China is so big!

7. Osaka, Japan

Osaka has 100,000 millionaires in a city with more than 3 million inhabitants. What it also has is a lot of little screens, you can lose up to 10% of vision on each walk.

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