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60 Minutes on how fatherhood helps Prince Harry to understand Princess Diana

Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes’ correspondent interviewed Prince Harry before the publication of his new memoir. spare part.

In this interview, Harry discussed his split with the royal family and his relationship, as well as his relationship with Prince William. He also talked about how Princess Diana’s death changed Harry’s entire life.

Prince Harry shared the following: “For most people, you know, who lost a parent/sibling at a young stage… I think once they’re gone you accept that it will be forever different.” Cooper said.

Cooper had never met members of the royal family before meeting Harry.

Cooper stated that one of the things that attracted me to interviewing Prince Harry and reading his book honestly was the fact that we don’t really know who he actually is. “Anyone with an interest in the royal family has seen Prince Harry grow since his birth… The public has a certain perception about all these people they see on TV and read about. Yet, the reality is how they see themselves and view their life often looks very different. That is an interesting topic.

Harry, now a father to Archie, three years old, and Lilibet one year old, told Cooper that he is more aware of his mother’s struggle to manage two young children. Harry stated that he hopes to provide a better life for his children, away from the paparazzi. The 38 year-old opens up about how he imagines his mother reacting to Prince William’s broken relationship.

Harry stated, “I believe that Princess Diana would be sad it is here now.” “I think she would seek reconciliation. It’s possible, I hope.

Below, Anderson Cooper interviews Prince Harry.

Prince Harry: The 60 minute interview 26:59

This report has been prepared by Keith Zubrow. It was edited by Sarah Shafer Preacher.

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