5 Times You Needed Desk Booking Software but Didn’t Have It


With hybrid workplaces becoming the new norm, your role as a facility manager has become even more challenging. Earlier, employees worked on assigned desks and with pre-assigned resources. But in the hybrid setup, they come into the office only a few times a week.

Therefore, you must now figure out an ideal and safe place for them to sit and also allocate custom resources they need without compromising desk usage. And desk booking software can help.

With the software, you can ensure your in-office employees find a desk no matter when they come into the office. Moreover, you can get real-time data on desk usage and resource utilization too.

If you are thinking your manual desk booking methods could have worked in all these scenarios, here are five instances you might have needed a desk booking solution without realizing it.

5 Times When You Needed Desk Booking Software but Did Not Have It

1. When You Needed to Optimize Desk Usage in a Hybrid Work Setup

If you tried to optimize desk usage by introducing flexible desks in a hybrid setup and received employee pushback, your employees probably struggled with one of the following-

  • locating available desks
  • ensuring they get desks with the required amenities, etc.

But these issues could be easily solved with desk booking software.

With desk booking software, your employees can check the desks available through a centralized dashboard and reserve preferred workstations ahead of time. They can even make sure their chosen desks have all the resources they need to work efficiently. When employees can find desks they like easily, they will use them better. This, in turn, will optimize desk usage.

2. When You Wanted to Waste Lesser Time on Conflict Resolution 

So you implemented flexible desking at your workplace only to find yourself in the middle of several employee conflicts. The most common complaint from your employees? Another employee occupied a desk reserved by them.  Now, you not only have angry employees, but you are spending too much time resolving their petty fights.

If you used desk booking software instead of relying on manual desk booking methods, you could have avoided such petty conflicts altogether. After all,  using desk booking software, employees can see the availability of desks, thanks to the integrated dashboard. Moreover, they can book desks accordingly.

This way, desk booking software leaves no room for desk booking conflicts. Hence, you save the time spent on conflict resolution too.

3. When Your Employees Caught the Virus While Working at the Office

Remember the start of the pandemic when a large number of your employees caught the virus at the office? Employees who used shared spaces had to quarantine for days on end. Not only did it pose a threat to your company’s overall health, but it also lowered employee productivity for weeks to come.

Believe it or not, this could have been prevented with desk booking software. These days desk booking software allow managers like you to set up sanitization workflows to ensure efficient desk cleaning.

When a desk is empty, the software notifies your sanitization staff to clean the desk. The staff can then quickly arrive at the said desk and sanitize it instantly for use. Thus, desk booking software not only boosts health security at the workplace by ensuring sanitization of shared desks but also makes sure that the entire process is quick and efficient.

4. When Your Employees Could Not Find Their Booked Desks

You revamped office seating over the past month only to find employees taking too much time to occupy available desks. You noticed employees having lower energy levels and turning in their projects later. When you asked your employees the reason through an anonymous survey, they told you they spent a lot of time locating their desks. 

But all this hassle could be avoided with the help of a desk booking software

In addition to allowing employees to reserve workstations and resources in advance, the wayfinding feature on desk booking software also helps employees navigate office spaces better. The software provides employees with precise directions to their work desks.

Thus, software reduces the time employees spend asking their coworkers for directions and even the time spent in front of office floor plans to understand desk locations.

5. When Your Teams Wanted to Collaborate Better

Have your teams complained they were having a harder time collaborating after the revamped desk setup because their coworkers were farther away? Then you might have needed desk booking software earlier.

Most desk booking software allows employees and managers to book groups of desks or desk neighborhoods in advance. This way, teams always have dedicated spaces for collaboration. So, they focus their efforts on finishing projects rather than wasting time looking for an available workspace.

To Conclude

If you want to streamline desk bookings in your office, installing a desk booking tool is a no-brainer. But good desk booking software helps you do more than that. They also provide insights into desk usage and trends and ensure employees are their most productive selves at their desks.

WorkInSync desk booking software, for instance, makes desk hoteling and hot-desking easier, allows facility managers to track desk usage trends, and also helps employees find their reserved desks. Employees can book a permanent desk for an improved workplace experience. This single sign mobile app makes flexible working easier. 

Opt for a demo today to learn more about the product and how it can help you. 

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