5 Java Developer Skills In High Demand In 2022


Due to its speed and dependability, Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in tech stacks of businesses of all sizes. Each of these well-known brands, including Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Amazon, uses Java.

Java developers are therefore in great demand. The most sought-after positions in 2022 will be for Java developers, JavaScript developers, and SQL developers. This is due to the widespread use of these languages by multiple enterprises.

It is currently one of the top five languages used by software developers for a variety of reasons, including its platform independence and adaptability. Numerous applications in several sectors, including robots, cloud computing, and video games like Minecraft, employ Java.

Utilizing the Cloud

There are countless other examples, including Google Drive and Dropbox storage, which are all made feasible by the java developers with Cloud. Software or services that may be accessed online are frequently referred to as the “cloud.” In a similar vein, cloud computing is internet-based computing that provides data and pooled processing resources to computers and other devices as needed. As a typical user, you use a few cloud features when you check your email or browse the internet. These instances involve the usage of processing technology that is unknown to the users and employed at distant locations. 

Supplementary Lingo or Technology

Various frameworks and languages exist to cater to the needs of certain programming tasks. For this reason, the ability to code in many languages is essential. Up to 26.27% of businesses are looking for engineers with experience in Java and SQL. While this is going on, 6.85% of employers are looking for experts who can use Java + JavaScript.

Developers not only work in a certain language but also in a particular environment. As a result, expertise with frameworks like Selenium, Android, Spring/Spring Boot, and persistence frameworks like JPA/Hibernate is highly sought for.

Spring Framework 5

One of the greatest and simplest frameworks for Java, it is frequently used in many different Java projects. Java developers can create dependable & scalable enterprise apps with this open-source, lightweight framework. Spring also includes support for Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Dependency Injection (DI), and Transaction Management (TM). Yes, it is possible to think of it as a collection of related frameworks, such as Spring Web Flow, Spring Object-Relational Mapping (Spring ORM), etc.


Java microservices are a group of compact software programs written in the Java programming language that cooperate to produce a more comprehensive solution: http://devoxsoftware.com. Its architecture resembles an assembly line in a factory, with each microservice acting as a station. As programmers attempt to create bigger, more effective software that can be better designed and maintained as a collection of smaller services that cooperate to deliver greater, application-wide capabilities, microservices are becoming more prevalent. The best thing about microservices is how easily you can integrate a complicated application with these little standalone processes.


A well-liked Java framework called Hibernate is frequently used to make it easier to construct Java applications that connect with databases. It is a Java Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) program that efficiently supports several common RDBMS, including the HSQL Database Engine, Oracle, MySQL, etc. Hibernate has numerous noteworthy characteristics, like being highly scalable, independent of databases, and open-source. It unquestionably gets around several important JDBC constraints. As a Java professional, being proficient with Hibernate can undoubtedly lead to some rewarding job options.


You see, if a Java programmer wants to advance their career in 2022, they are likely the finest abilities they can study right now. Some of them may sound familiar to you, but we assure you that these skill sets are in high demand among Java developers. In addition, you do not need to master all of them; instead, you just need to have a firm grasp of a few of them. The remainder will depend on your preferences and areas of interest.

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