5 Great Films That Will Encourage Your Kid To Study Science


When one studies, they are not simply responsible for composing essays and finishing research papers. Finding the motivation to explore new things is another important aspect. Watching films in the genre of science fiction is one of the most effective methods to accomplish this goal. In this article, we will talk about movies that encourage you to study and improve yourself.

The Matrix

This movie has everything you love: stunning effects, killer robots, villainous characters, and more. Among all science fiction action movies, it ranks as the best. The Matrix simplifies complex ideas for the audience. The movie takes you to a parallel world and makes you ponder whether everything has to be exactly as it is. This tale contains teachings that may alter the course of a student’s life forever.

One of the main ideas of the movie is to show the audience the world isn’t that unambiguous and superpower doesn’t come to you on its own. One needs to learn, make mistakes and sometimes get a helping hand. Students can understand things like nobody else. There are moments when one needs services like Writix to get a science project report done or find samples for different essay types. Even the most skilled A-students are overwhelmed by the number of university papers. Helping oneself by relying on a professional is totally normal.


The film opens with a discussion of how saving humanity is imperative given the magnitude of the threat to Earth’s future. To rescue the globe from the worldwide food shortages, a NASA physicist, Professor Brand, works toward transporting the Earth’s inhabitants to a habitable planet in another galaxy. Cooper, a retired NASA test pilot, should head up a team of investigators looking at ways to make the transportation system safer.

Interstellar has all the hallmarks of a classic science fiction film. We are talking about its ability to pique audiences’ curiosity, inspire them to think outside the box and broaden their horizons. Furthermore, some scientists encourage physics teachers to show the film in their classes. So, the movie can be used in education processes. Interstellar will captivate youngsters interested in becoming scientific enthusiasts.


Director Alexandre Aja helmed the French science fiction film Oxygen. Similarities may be seen between this film and Buried (2010) by Rodrigo Cortes. Together, these movies explore a central motif in which a protagonist is trapped in a small space without ventilation. However, the two films’ primary concepts and narrative goals are quite different.

 Oxygen connects human survival and the nature of consciousness, two concepts often associated with science fiction. The filmmaker is objective and skillfully builds tension by revealing information gradually. For a picture set amid a pandemic, it manages to combine a sense of dread and optimism into an undeniably bold idea. It’s also peculiar because the film’s story begins before the outbreak and continues through the aftermath.

Hidden Figures

This is a real tale of three African-American women who made it big in the scientific world in the ’60s. Knowing well that the state of Virginia enforced segregation laws against black people, these women, who were also brilliant in the fields of engineering, mathematics, and physics, created a success story. That story will go down in American history and the scientific community as a whole. This film provided a visual illustration of how technological progress has the potential to replace scientists.

As the title suggests, Hidden Figures demonstrates how technological progress may improve people’s daily lives. There was also worry that machines might replace humans in the workplace, as they made scientific ideas and mathematical formulae simpler to apply. The scientific community, however, acknowledged the importance of progress in the field.

The Martian

Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982), directed by Ridley Scott, would be among the top five science fiction films if this were a ranking of the best of the genre. But this is a list of the best five movies about science or scientists. And The Martian is a movie that shows us how a protagonist uses science to solve the most challenging issues. The primary character researches and finds ways out of complicated situations thanks to science. What can be more inspiring for college kids? Knowing that science can sometimes save your life is a great reason to study harder.

Movies that encourage to study: closing thoughts

One should not underestimate the power of cinema. Cinema is not only entertainment. Films can be a source of inspiration for learning and an excellent basis for lessons at school or university. We hope the movies mentioned in this article will encourage you to study better and achieve your academic goals.

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