5 Best Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2022


Soundcore has proven to be one of the pioneers in the speaker industry. The Portable Bluetooth Speakers are one of the most hot-selling items by this company. Considering this, let’s enlist the 5 best Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speakers to have the proof. 


1. Motion Boom Plus

If you are having a party and need some music to jam to, then the Motion Boom Plus by Soundcore are the perfect speakers for you. The speakers have real-time, intensified bass, thanks to the BassUp technology. They also produce clear and loud sounds due to titanium drivers and multiple woofers and tweakers responsible for the 80W booming sound. Furthermore, the 20-hour playtime allows you to take your Portable Bluetooth Speaker with you on hiking trips away from the city. The IPX7 certification of the Motion Boom Plus means you get state-of-the-art water and dust resistivity, protecting your speaker from natural calamities.

2. Motion +

The Motion + is a very efficient Portable wireless speaker by Soundcore. The speaker has Hi-Res Sound enhanced by Qualcomm aptX technology that helps produce lossless music production. The sound quality is enhanced by tweeters, neodymium woofers, and passive radiators. Its 6700mAh battery offers 12 hours of playtime, enabling you to take it out for day trips without losing its charge. It also has wireless stereo pairing that helps multiple Motion + speakers connect to each other, allowing the same music to be simultaneously played on both speakers, hence bringing more life to the party.

3. Flare 2

Another best-selling Portable Bluetooth speaker by Soundcore is the Flare 2. It is a multipurpose speaker that lights up your parties. The 360° surround sound audio makes you feel as if you were in the front row of a concert. The IPX7 water protection makes Flare 2 perfect for pool parties, as the speakers can survive even after an hour underwater. However, the feature for which the Flare 2 is most well-known is its LED ambient lights. These lights synchronize to the music’s rhythm, moving and dancing accordingly. You can also control these speakers via the app. So you can toggle the settings according to your mood.

4. Flare

The original and cheaper version of Flare 2 is Flare. This Portable wireless speaker by Soundcore has a surround sound effect that, when equipped with its BassUp technology, can make any boring party worthwhile. Its LED lights sync with the music being played, portraying the sensation of being at a concert in your room. The speaker has IP67 water resistivity that makes it perfect for pool parties. From smartphones to television, you can connect these speakers to any device that has Bluetooth on it. Flare also has wireless stereo pairing, which allows multiple speakers to connect simultaneously and create greater bass and more sound.

5. Soundcore 3

Amazing sound quality without any distortion is one of the key elements to judge in a speaker. The Soundcore 3, a Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Soundcore, has one of the best sound qualities due to its multiple drivers, titanium diaphragms, and radiators with BassUp technology. The insane 24-hour playtime, with its lightweight stature, makes it the perfect companion for you on trips and days out. Its innovative PartyCast technology allows you to pair with up to 100 Soundcore speakers at the same time. Other features, such as Bluetooth 5.0 and fast charging, enable this speaker to stand out.


Soundcore creates the best Portable Bluetooth Speaker in the world right now. Their features are unique and second to none. For good measure, the affordability of these advanced features makes them outshine other speakers. If you are still skeptical, get the speaker of your dreams right now to experience it yourself.

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