5 Best Mapping Robot Vacuums In 2022

Best Mapping Robot

Ever heard about a robot cleaning the home? Did the idea of letting a robot handle sweeping, vacuuming and mopping fascinate you? Well, if you are still thinking of trying it out, it’s high time to make things happen! You don’t want to be left behind in the race to bring changes into your lifestyle, like others. 

But do you know what type of robot vacuum cleaner you should get and how to choose from many options? Practically, not all of them can cater to your home’s specific needs- so it’s crucial to list them before you go out in search of the right robotic vacuum. 

To help you make a wise decision, we suggest you go for a mapping robot vacuum cleaner so that its AI algorithm can automatically create a cleaning map. This way, you don’t have to stay attentive to send commands into its system. Remember that a mapping feature enables the robot cleaner to analyze its surroundings and figure out how it is supposed to proceed with cleaning. It takes help from mathematical and statistical approaches and the AI algorithm supported by sensors and laser scanners. 

The Best Mapping Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Now that you know the basics of how the best mapping robot vacuum works, let’s proceed to note down the options:

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro, 

This mapping robot vacuum, works on 360°3600 AI laser mapping technology that helps the system to create your home’s map in its database. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro can easily adapt to complex environments and navigate effortlessly to clean the targeted area. 

With the four-line LDS mechanism, it could be the best mapping robot vacuum. It can scan an area of up to 6 meters (in radius) and facilitates revolutionary anti-collision and precise navigation. The laser lidar sensors can scan the entire home efficiently and demonstrate remarkable anti-collision features, thereby ensuring better and smarter cleaning. 

Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL R101AE

As the name suggests, Shark IQ XL R101AE can clean its dustbin without asking for your help. Moreover, the smart scanning and mapping feature brings its intelligence and coverage to the next level. The system can easily restore the entire home’s layout and initiate auto-scheduled cleaning if it shuts down in the mid of the work. The anti-drop, wall and anti-collision sensors provide smart navigation for multi-floor mapping- the only key to getting the best cleaning experience. 

iLife A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Famous for its performance and superior features, iLife A9 robotic vacuum utilizes Panoview scanning technology to proceed with smart mapping and routing. Its 100% accuracy and full coverage enable you to create perfect cleaning schedules without affecting any inhabitants’ activities. 

On the other hand, its multiple cleaning modes can help to analyze the floors and decide the right time of mode to go with. Rest assured, its mapping and routing process also involves mopping with a Gen 4 CyclonePower cleaning system that claims to remove up to 99% allergens.

Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Max

Among the race to be the best mapping robot vacuum, Viomi robot vacuum V2 Max is the next. It is known for its two water tanks for diversified cleaning. The system combines the manual mopping technique with Y-pattern technology for smarter services. 

The LDS laser navigation technology encourages route planning and multi-level mapping towards a healthier environment. This technology also gets help from the AI algorithm as it enables the system to analyze and design up to 5-floor maps, thereby keeping its promise of a smart cleaning experience. 

Wyze Robot Vacuum

Last but not least, Wyze’s robotic vacuum is one of the affordable cleaning assistants that can roam around the home and suck up all dust particles, dirt and pet hair. Thanks to its LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors, that can analyze the entire space and create editable maps for cleaning. You can rely upon its superior laser mapping and route planning skills for a clean and healthy environment inside your home. 

Wrapping Up

With the above options, you might not have to face a hard time making the right decision. It’s all about knowing your requirements and picking up the products accordingly. 

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