4 Console Games That Found Their Way onto Mobile


When you’re trying to scout out what mobile gaming is all about, there might be any number of footholds that you look into as possibly representing the most ideal route to discovering what’s on offer here. One such route is to look at games that you already enjoy on a console and have since found a home in the mobile gaming landscape, and the variety of these experiences might truly surprise you, leading you to try some that you perhaps haven’t previously.

Going into this platform with some prior familiarity with the game itself can help you to appreciate the differences between the console itself, which could be where you decide whether you want to stick with it or not.

Stardew Valley

The idea of games having to be as violent or action-oriented as possible is an outdated concept at this point, and the popularity of games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley is proof of that. Stardew Valley has proved immensely popular as the spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon series, and now you can play it on mobile. The ability to consistently check back in on your farm and tick off your digital activities for the day whenever you find the time might make this a strong match to the mobile setting.

Hotline Miami

On the other end of the spectrum, you have perhaps one of the most famously violent and fast-paced action games around, Hotline Miami, which has received high amounts of acclaim for its incredibly addictive gameplay. That latter quality might be something that you associate with mobile exclusive titles, from Clash of Clans to no deposit bonus casinos you can play online, but this stripped-back and focused aspect of Hotline Miami’s design is arguably what has allowed it to continue to be such an enduring classic since its release, through to now where it’s available on mobile.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is perhaps one of the most famous and iconic video game franchises around, with the latest release – 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V – being touted as perhaps the most successful entertainment product of all time. However, while this success has many people looking ahead to what innovations the next instalment might bring, it can lead others to look back and see how the franchise became the juggernaut that you know today. You can do this by finding the classic library on your app store of choice and giving them a go.

Final Fantasy  

While perhaps not as rampantly successful and accessible as GTA, the Final Fantasy series has been a mainstay in gaming history for generations, with different instalments finding their way onto different ‘all-time’ lists for different people. The series has undergone many stylistic, thematic, and gameplay-based alterations over the years, and finally having the opportunity to experience so many of them on a system that you may well already own can help you to appreciate the impact that they have had on the wider landscape in the years they’ve been around. 

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