4 Benefits of Installing Home Security Devices in Your Rentals


New technology is a sure way to attract tenants looking for modern rentals. Also, you can contact Lockshop Direct for best security solutions. 

From energy-efficient appliances to high-speed internet and smart home devices, technology is a great way to upgrade your units and appeal to tenants with contemporary taste. Also, prefer the best quality Safes that secure your important documents or cash or other important stuff.

When it comes to technology, security devices are some of the best investments. Whether your properties are in a busy downtown area or an isolated rural one, tenants living in either will appreciate the safety offered by a high-tech security system.

You may think it’s enough to regularly replace the locks on your rentals. Although verifying working locks is your minimum responsibility, technology allows for a higher level of awareness of your tenants’ surroundings. For instance, motion-activated video cameras help tenants know who is hanging around their unit, while smart locks enable them to lock their homes from their smartphones. Combination Padlocks are also one of the best tools that makes your home safe from thieves.

Here are four benefits of installing home security devices in your rentals for you and your tenants.

1. Protect Your Property

Protecting your investments should be your top priority.

If you’re a successful landlord with a growing portfolio, you’ve probably invested thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of labor into your properties. Their condition and contents (including your tenants!) should be something you want to protect.

Installing home security devices is part of your responsibility to protect your rentals from theft and damage. The simple presence of a video doorbell can deter buglers and rowdy kids alike.

2. Make Tenants Feel Safer

Safety is a significant concern for many renters looking for new homes. Security may be especially important for certain kinds of renters: elderly renters, first-time student renters with cautious parents, families with young kids, etc. 

The presence of a home security system can put these renters and their families at ease. You can assure your renters that they are safe and protected in the units, even if they are in a less-than-ideal location.

Disregarding your tenants’ safety may also lead to tenant turnover. Tenants who consistently feel unsafe won’t hesitate to move out. If word gets out that your properties are insecure, future tenants may be deterred even if no break-ins occurred. Protect your properties and your reputation as a housing provider by installing a high-tech security solution. Don’t build a negative reputation you can’t reverse.

3. Attract Higher-Paying Renters

High-tech security systems such as smart locks and video doorbells are telltale signs of modern properties. Renters looking for these features will most likely pay more for them. This means a higher return on investment (ROI) for you and the promise of more high-paying tenants to come.

High-tech rentals are especially sought by young professionals seeking the newest amenities in security. Renters working from home (especially in tech industries) need high-speed internet for their jobs and hobbies.

They will also appreciate access to a resident portal and online rent collection. Using property management software (and even integrating your smart home security devices with the software if possible) demonstrates the digital dexterity these renters crave.

Appeal to these renters to get the most out of your technology upgrade.

4. Monitor Suspicious Activity

Finally, upgraded security systems help you monitor suspicious activity around your rentals. Without security cameras, you can’t be sure if the obnoxious neighbor or suspicious wanderer that your tenant complains about is really a threat to your community.

Motion-activated cameras or video doorbells are uniquely suited for these purposes. These cameras start recording (and notify you) when they detect movement near the front door of a home. 

With smart security, you can identify suspicious activity before it threatens your tenants and business.

Securing Your Rental Properties

Security is a big deal for any homeowner. As a landlord, you have a unique responsibility to protect your tenants by securing the place they call home. Home security devices are the best way to accomplish this. In addition to offering you and your tenants peace of mind, smart security is also a great financial investment in your rental business. Don’t wait to install the best security protection in your rental business.

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